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I wish You very, very happy New Year 2012!

It had been long time since I post here anything. It's because I'm in senior class of lyceum (Polish higher secondary school) and I have to study to my Matura Exam (final exam), at least officially. I haven't studied for about 2 months now, so I wish I'll take it up and start to work hard to get good grade at it, and then go to my desired studies at physics faculty at Politechnika Warszawska (Warsaw University of Technology).

I also wish that I'll obtain a dog! My own Welsh Corgi Pembroke. I just need to have a pet that I could take for a walk.

I wish that I'll subdue my social phobia, and I'll start to be more outgoing!

And finally I wish that I'll start writing a story I have now in my mind!

So, again I wish you all happy, successful, prosperous and fearless New Year! I hope you will stay healthy or will fight any illnesses that you already have! And that any conflict will be defeated!
I wish you will have no obstacles in your life and always will have friends behind you!

I think that next time I'll write here something will happen in near future (or if not you'll have to wait until May 2012).
Of course I'll checking my f-list weekly, read the stories you post here and sometimes post a comment!
See you soon (of course virtually ;) )!
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