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Yeah, as title says, it really cruel lately to me. I failed my semester exams (not only one 'cause it could be too good - I fucked all 3 of them), this means I'm saying "good bye" to my studies right now. However it's been very visible last months, that I wouldn't pass those exams easily. Some time ago I found out that maths are not my forte, especially when it comes to remember so many ways of executing the integral equations. So this means, that this inability had given no chances to pass basic physics for at least 3.0 - it would be a miracle.

Hopefully the fact that I found it out, gave me possibility to decide which matura exams should I retake and to search for other faculties of studies. Right now I want to go for Japanese Studies. I'm really interested in culture and language of Japan for quite long time, but didn't realized until lately that I'm so much into it.

Also in December my dog been ill and in January we were told by veterinarian, that our dog has an exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, so now we have to give him suplementary enzymes. Since he get to eat them he's in better condition, what makes us finally contented (we were so worried about him - every two weeks he had a fever and was apathetic).

Also I didn't played at all lately, and do not want at all - so I can surely tell that I'm on indefinite hiatus, and won't do anything involving sims. Lately I started to enjoy reading books and manga as a hobby. Also I shall start learning Japanese soon, as for now by myself - I already gathered books, so it's a matter of few days to do so.

I hope You had been much better than that. I need coffee or I'll fell asleep... Bye!

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