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If you use Facebook let the others know that there is voting!

They want to take away the posibility of voting on changes in their policies, just so they can do whatever they wish to. It’s bad that they do not inform everybody that we can have a word in governing the Facebook!

Also they do not want to listen what users want to be included in the policy! The new documents are going to take away any ability to influence what is going on whith the site and what they can do with our data.

There is more about what they intend to do:

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Yes! I'm almost done with the exams! At least those written... Two oral/spoken left.

But I have something to ask you. Are you interested in having next four colours of hair?
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I wish You very, very happy New Year 2012!

Some wishes for future year and ramblings )
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Take a look at [personal profile] hat_plays_sims lovely asian hair dump at GoS! (I had made some previews for it)
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I recently came back to play TS2 and, when I played family with elders - Grim Reaper appeared without his cloak (completely naked) and his head was without his scalp (next time even without face). This really annoyed me! It was fresh reinstall (BG + Pets + FT + AL + Holiday Stuff + Celebration + TSS + M&G) so I don't know if it is my CC or something else.
Does someone know what can I do to repair Grimmy?
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I've got some invite codes to DW. Here they are:



If you use one please comment, so I'll cross it out.
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Some time ago (actually at the end of November) my downloads folder was about 7,5 GB, so I decided to clean it from useless clutter. I reduced its largeness to 6,5 GB. But then appeared GoS Advent - so it grown to 8,5 GB! Game was loading about 25 minutes!
Yesterday I was deleting more unused stuff and additional recolors, but now this folder is again 7,5 GB! Why this is so cruel? I just want to play normally without waiting so much time!

But now I wish to you:      Happy New Year!   and Happy Birthday [info]bagfran!
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Oh, my!
I just created my own place to post my things.

Yikes, I'll give you something in a while.

Fcuk - I can't upload a zip on mediafire -> it shows a -1byte file

Post Scriptum: I must wait to the 2nd October to post the hair recolor (in pooklet beauty colors and textures) of Raon f01 and AF outfits recolors. Sometimes I feel so angry on my internet connection/download limits.